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    Once Upon a Time . . .

    a little girl stood on a gold velour couch with a wooden spoon for a microphone and sang her heart out every day to an audience of stuffed animals. She sang to her parents' records and 8 tracks - Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, The Mandrell Sisters, Glenn Campbell, Boxcar Willie . . . . if it was in their collection, she learned it and happily sang it on her upholstered stage to a fuzzy, smiling crowd.

    Today, Marti still sings along with those old songs on her iPod - but she now performs on real stages with real microphones for real people.

    Marti has been described as "unique," "interesting," "dynamic," and "there's no other girl out there quite like her." Her voice could easily fall under the same categories. Marti's music is honest and genuine - her words could reach out from her inner soul and wrap around you. Many have described her sound as Stevie-Nicks-meets-Sara-Evans-meets-Chrissie-Hynde-meets-Aimee Mann.

    Ok, no one's strung all of them together in one sentence like that, but most everyone picks at least two of those artists at one time or another.

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    "So a few years ago, I found myself newly unemployed with a lot of time on my hands and a new Flip Video Camera I'd received as a gift. In college, I'd studied film and video as part of my interactive media degree, but I'd never messed around with it since. I figured that now was the time to mess around with it.

    "I decided to focus on this town I love so much, and the interesting things that happen in Nashville that people in other parts of the country (and world) might not realize go on here. We're stereotyped with cowboy hats and haybales, and I wanted to show a different side of Nashville. Surprisingly (and delightfully) my experiment gained a following, and I continue to have a blast showcasing the quirks and corners of Nashville - plastic microphone in hand." - Marti

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    The Show-Me State Girl

    Born near the Boot Heel of Missouri, Marti's first memories are of music. Her parents would sing her to sleep, and she always wanted to sing along. When she was little, her family moved to the little town of Fayette, Missouri. Growing up in the country, she spent summers playing hide and seek with kittens in the nearby cornfield, hanging out in their hayloft, and swinging for hours in her wooden tree swing. She begged for a piano, and when she was eight, her wish was granted. It was too heavy to move into the house without help - and help wasn't coming until the next day, so Marti sat out on the porch all night, picking out notes to songs until it was bedtime.

    Marti's family moved halfway through high school to Osage County, and after graduation she promptly moved back to Fayette to attend the music program at Central Methodist University. After graduation, she sang in bar bands around Mid-Missouri, spent some time in St. Louis, and finally wound up in Nashville.

    A Wide Variety of Musical Influences

    Classically trained, Marti has been known to step outside the traditional "1-4-5" structure of today's music and throw exotic chords and keys in the songs she writes. It drives her guitar players crazy, but the thick chord structures delight the audience, and create the unique sound that makes Marti's music her own.

    "Country is near and dear to my heart," says Marti. "But I listen to everything from Bon Jovi to Beethoven. Broadway tunes are awesome, classical music rules, rock is fantastic . . . . basically, I adore a song that moves me emotionally, or strikes a chord with me on some deep level. So you'll find me listening to many different genres of music on any given day. I have my whole life."

    The end result is a little bit country, a little rock, sometimes some blues, pop, folk, and maybe a smidge of classical - and always, always, always . . . . all Marti.

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